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  • March Giveaway

    March Giveaway The Edgemere March Giveaway is a £200 Gift Voucher to spend at Edgemere.  You can choose between an online voucher or an in store gift voucher. If you are a local customer.  You may find it easier to call into our Cheshire based store.  This will allow you to peruse your choice of products, try them on and choose the colours, st…

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  • Top Ten Tips for a White Horse

    Top Ten Tips for a White Horse If you have ever owned a White horse.  You will understand the frustrations of making a white horse white for shows and competitions.  Therefore we have decided to share our hard earned secrets to making a white horse white. So here goes. 1 - Purple Shampoos are the best for use on White horses, white legs and whit…

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  • Horseware Summer Rugs

    Horseware Summer Rugs Horseware Summer Rugs offer the ultimate in protection for your horse. Here at Edgemere we are constantly updating our selection of rugs and with spring fast approaching we thought we’d talk about some of the rugs that will be on offer this season and the benefits of using them. One of the biggest problems horses face in th…

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  • Equine Gastric Ulcers

    Equine Gastric Ulcers Gastric Ulcers are an increasingly common problem in the modern day horse.  Especially race horses and high level competition horses.  However horses of all ages, breeds and types can suffer from Gastric ulcers. What causes Gastric Ulcers? In a horses natural environment, ie in the wild. The horse will graze for up to 16 h…

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  • Getting your horse fit

    Getting your horse fit   So competition time is looming and your horse has been on rest, how do you get him ready for work again? This is critical to make sure your horse is fit enough for the level of work you will be doing with him, and also to minimise the risks of injury. So where do you begin? Horse fitness is something that needs to be d…

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