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Tips for riding in the heat at the height of summer | Horze Guide

We have compiled a list of top tips for helping your horse in the heat.  When the temperatures start to hit the mid 20’s or higher.  There are some important care factors as a horse owner or rider that we all need to be aware of.

Fly Repellent – You can use fly sprays during your horses field turnout time or when riding.  Fly Rugs and fly masks can make a huge difference to your horses comfort and lifestyle during the hot weather.  Flies can drive a horse mad and to injury.  Constant stamping or running to try and get away from them can cause your horse to hurt themselves.  A top tip you can do is to also spray your horses fly rug or fly mask with the fly spray to.  Every bit helps to deter flies away from your horse. Naf Citronella Tags and Wrist Bands can help keep the flies away too.

Sun Block – If your horse is sensitive or pink skinned.  For example a coloured or grey horse.  They normally have pink noses , so there skin can burn and become very sore.  Prevention is always better than cure.  Therefore if you can avoid sun burn or soreness from starting.  Your horse will remain a lot happier.

Riding / Working Plan – To prevent yover heating.  We advise riding in the morning or late in the evening when it has cooled down.  This will be a more pleasant ride for both you and your horse.  If you have no choice other than to ride at the hottest time of the day.  We recommend finding shade, taking regular breaks and maybe taking water breaks.

Cooling down – You need to remember to cool your horse down correctly and gradually.  Reducing the pace slowly and having a good walking off period.

Keep Hydrated – Make sure your horse has constant / regular access to cool but not cold water.  If your horse is sweating a lot.  We advise feeding Electrolytes which can be in liquid or powder form in his daily feed.

Wash Off – Remember to wash your horse clean and remove any sweat or dirt from your horse.  A sweaty horse can become irritated in his skin.  A sweaty horse can become smelly and attract flies more.  This can become a vicious circle.   When washing your horse off, make sure you wash in between the back legs as this is a sensitive area.


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Posted by: Edgemere
Posted on: 13/07/2022

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