Best Safety Stirrups

There are so many safety stirrups out there and here at Edgemere we have our top 3.

Equipe STAF14 Safety Stirrups


A super smart and stylish safety stirrup with a detachable arm which will prevent a foot getting stuck in a stirrup. Available in a range of colours and sleek Equipe branding on the side these stirrups will look fantastic and be of the utmost function.

All you need to do is decide which colour you want and leave the rest to us.


Tech Venice Light Stirrups

“Venice light” riding stirrups are provided with a revolutionary safety mechanism which, in case of need, allows a section of the ring to open, thus easing the release of the foot; thereafter, thanks to a specific spring, the section gets back in its original position.

The spring allows the moving part to stay closed during horse riding activities and to open only when a certain pressure is applied. The locking mechanism of the moving part is cushioned by a rubber insert on the ring which allows it to be particularly reactive in case of need.

Tech Safety Venice Sloped Stirrups

The Safety Tech Stirrups “Venice” have a unique and revolutionary magnetic mechanism positioned on the tread.  This allows, in case of an emergency, the opening of a ring portion, allowing your foot to escape and not get caught in the stirrup. After which the mobile part automatically returns to its original position.  This prevents dragging and potential fatal accidents.

The mobile part is hooked to the tread and joined to the ring by a magnet that does not allow it to move during the work but allows it to open only if a certain weight load is exceeded.

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Posted by: Danny Painter
Posted on: 25/08/2020
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