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  • 'BANK 20' Bank Holiday Discount Code

    'BANK 20' Bank Holiday Discount Code Come and use code BANK20 for discount on all products here at Edgemere. We have lots of big names Ariat, DeNiro , Pikeur, Horseware, Amigo, Rambo and many many more. Now is the time to treat you or your horse or both of you to the rug or breeches you have been longing for. The only items not included in this Ba…

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  • How To Clean Equipe Saddles And Bridles

    How To Clean Equipe Saddles And Bridles Here at Edgemere we supply the full range of Equipe Saddlery. A top quality selection of Equipe Bridles, Saddles, Breastplates and accessories. This stunning selection of leatherwork will keep you and your horse comfortable and ready to perform. So we want you to look after it as best you can so here are a …

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  • Therapy Boots for Your Horse

    Therapy Boots For Your Horse Your Horses legs can get very hot during strenuous exercise and the best cool boots are designed to cool them down quickly and easily. Should an injury occurred , this will need to be cooled effectively to help further damage. caused by excessive swelling. There are many products that aim to cool the soft tissue such a…

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  • 5 Best Fly Rugs

    5 Best Fly RugsĀ  Fly rugs are the best way of protecting your horse from the Summer flies and midges. Here at Edgemere, The Equestrian Supplies Shop we all have horses, therefore all of our fly rugs have been tried and tested. Therefore if you are struggling to choose one. At Edgemere we know that flies and midges can irritate your horses. Some …

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  • 5 Best Summer Rugs

    5 Best Summer Rugs The warm weather is here and we want our ponies/horses to be comfortable weather there out in the field or in the stable. Summer sheets are very useful rugs to have in your horses wardrobe. They can be used for travelling, or whilst in the stable. I know a lot of people who use them as a bottom rug all year around, as these are …

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