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  • Tips On Looking After Your Horse Clippers

    Tips On Looking After Your Horse Clippers   At this time of year we see so many horse clippers coming in to Edgemere for a service, and they are normally in need of a bit of TLC. It really is worth looking after your clippers you don't want to go to clip your horse and find them not working, most of the time the clippers stay out of sight. Da…

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  • Top 5 Medium Turnout Rugs

    Top 5 Medium Turnout Rugs   Yes its that time of year when we need our medium weight turnout rugs. They are an ideal choice when the weather is changeable, such as during spring and autumn. The best medium weight turnout rugs should provide a clipped horse with some warmth, while being waterproof and breathable.   Horseware Amigo Hero Ri…

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  • Top 6 Grooming Essentials

    Top 6 Grooming Essentials     Every horse owner needs a clean and well-stocked grooming kit. Owning a good selection of brushes gives you the tools to serve a range of cleaning purposes, while keeping your grooming kit clean will make your brushes last longer and prevent the spread of bacteria or skin conditions. You can keep your kit in…

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  • Top 6 Yard Essentials

    Top 6 Yard Essentials      Edgemere know your yard Essentials will help make your working life easier and more efficient. With years of combined experience in various different disciplines. The Edgemere team have comprised a short survival guide below of their Equestrian Yard essentials. Faulks Large Corn Broom With a shaped head and st…

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  • Cheap Jodphur Boots

    Cheap Jodhpur Boots     Riding boots are an essential component of equestrian attire, whether you’re hacking out, schooling, doing yard work, or competition riding, a good pair of riding boots are a necessity for a rider’s safety, comfort and correct seating position. Riding boots are made for horse enthusiasts and competitors all of…

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