5 Most Beautiful and Unusual Horse Colours

The wonderful thing about horses is that they often come in a huge range of beautiful and unique colours, to the aspiring rider with an encyclopaedia of horses, it’s like being in the best pick and mix store you can imagine. The horses below are in such beautiful colourings that we believe they might be real-life My Little Ponies…

Akhal-Teke in Creamello



Akhal-Teke are often regarded as some of the most beautiful horses on the planet; when their coats are glossy and brushed they glisten like gold. The breed is from Turkmenistan, and they have a reputation for speed and endurance – they are the national emblem of Turkmenistan too, and have earned the nickname ‘Golden Horses’.

Silver Dapple Pinto



Silver dapple pintos display the beautiful common dapple coat in a magnificent shade of silver-grey, but with patches of white pinto. It’s quite uncommon, and the large patches of solid colour make the silver dapple even more unique and striking.




Horses with Chimera coats look like they are on fire! Their coats are splashed with two different colours, which is actually the result of a rare DNA error. Chimera horses occur when fraternal twins fuse in the womb to create one horse with 2 sets of DNA. It really is a weird example of nature, but a very beautiful one at that!

Silver Buckskin



A silver buckskin horse will have brown or dark points and a silver gene. Silver genes are very rare in horses and sooty coats can often be mistaken for silver, but silver is much more lustrous.

Gold Champagne



It’s likely a gold champagne horse is the princess pony you once dreamed of as a child, with it’s beautiful pale colourings. The champagne gene is another rarity in horses, and horses with the gene have hazel eyes, pinkish freckled skin, and with golden and brown hairs. If a horse inherits a champagne gene from one or both parents, and it would have otherwise been chestnut, is instead gold champagne. Stunning!


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Posted by: Edgemere
Posted on: 20/06/2014
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