5 Useful Horse Apps and Gadgets

Nothing brings you closer to nature and the countryside than a good horse ride, but maybe we should adopt a little technology into the equestrian world too! It’s true that as a rider your vary rarely even need electricity to care for your horse, but there are a few apps and gadgets out there that will really enrich your rides and help with safety, so they are worth considering! Here are 5 of our favourite horse apps and gadgets:

Indicators for Horse Riders

To indicate when on a ride, we simply stick out our arm in the direction we want to go, but in low light or poor weather conditions, you might like these LED indicators for horse riders. These are simply LEDs sewn into the back of a jacket, and they’re not actually in production yet as this was more of a DIY craft by a rider, but we’d certainly like to see them being made! Anything that improves safety for riders is a good idea in our books.

Horse LED Tail Lights

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Riding in the dark or in winter? Then these horse LED tail lights are the perfect safety accessory. Unlike a high-vis exercise sheet, these are relatively unobtrusive, and your horse is unlikely to feel uncomfortable whilst wearing them. Regardless of their subtlety, these are still incredibly bright and cannot be missed when riding on the road!

Dressage Memoriser App

It can be tricky to remember a dressage routine, but this handy app helps you revise your route through the day ready for a competition. Not only that, but it’s also a great aid to practising, as it sits in your pocket and records your route as you try it – it will even alert you if you stray too far from your route so you can correct yourself.

Horse Rider SOS

Many riders enjoy the privacy and freedom of going for a hack in the countryside alone, but there are of course, associated risks with riding alone. All it can take is one stumble and you could be unable to get back to the stables due to an injury. This clever app monitors your ride, and if you’re not moving for a prolonged period of time, it will send an alert to a friend or family member by text message.

EquiSketch Records App

Have a lot of horses to manage? If you care for other people’s horses or if you have your own stables, this app is an excellent way of managing all the appointments you might have including farriers appointments, vets appointments, and important events like when to give yours horses a deworming treatment. This app also monitors vital information for each horse such as medical records, and you can even monitor costs using this app too.


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Posted by: Edgemere
Posted on: 30/01/2014

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