Ariat Country Boots

Ariat  Country Boots


Ariat Country Boots bring Style, Comfort and protection to your footwear wardrobe.

So we all love the style and comfort of Ariat footwear, but today we‚Äôre going to have an in depth look at the Ariat Country Boots’. Perhaps the most often talked about styles are the Windemere, Grasmere, and the Coniston Boot, so let‚Äôs have a look at these three in particular!

What can you say about the Ariat Windermere that hasn’t already been said? They are the go-to country boots for thousands of girls around the country for many reasons; comfort, waterproofing, style, quality etc. They really do feel like slippers but with the benefit of still having plenty of ‘feel’ for when you’re riding. As there’s no laces you will find them relatively easy to put on and take off – Ariat do provide a boot horn for getting them on and we really recommend using this.

In terms of what they are good for the Windermere is the perfect all-rounder, perfect for every day riding and around the yard. This being said though, more and more people are buying them as the perfect ‘Country’ boot!

The Ariat Grasmere boots are a little taller than the Windermere so if you’re upgrading from those, it’s worth noting the extra height. As with all long boots they do drop a few cm once they are worn in which normally makes them a good height for riding. We can provide an Ariat heel lift for free if they are a little high; this will lift your foot and leg up by around 1cm which can often help until they have dropped.

The side lace system is great for a variety of calf sizes. They come with two sets of laces; the standard set up involves two sets of laces per boot with draw string style fasteners both at the top and half way down. This allows for two different levels of tightening on the leg. The second set up would be to use the full length lace which is slightly easier because you only need to tighten at one section and is slightly quicker than tying two laces although doesn’t give you the same customisable tightening as the first option.

The Ariat Coniston Boots have two great features which appeal to many of our customers. The first is the front lace system which allows you to tighten the boots around the contours of your leg and ankle making them not only very supportive, but look great too. The second feature people really like is the full length rear zip. This means once you have set the laces in position at the front, you can get them on and off using the zip which of course is much easier than worrying about laces every time you put them on.

Whatever your preference of the Ariat Country Boots you take. All three styles offer comfort and style in a way only Ariat can offer!

Ariat Country Boots at Edgemere

Here at Edgemere we all wear the Ariat Country Boots.  We wear them to do the horses, walk the dogs.  As well as to work in and horsey days out.  If you a re local, please feel free to call in to the shop and try the Ariat Country Boots on.  If you are not so local.  You can order yours online for delivery to your door.

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Posted by: Edgemere
Posted on: 22/05/2017

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