Extremely Relatable Horse Quotes

There are lots of quirks and experiences that only Equestrians will ever be able to understand; you might talk about them and laugh about them when with your equestrian friends, but you know normal people would find it all a bit strange…

Here are some horse quotes we found incredibly relatable, and we think you might understand them too! Make sure you share your favourites on Facebook and tag Edgemere!

Because who needs a man when you have a horse?
Because horse riding should be recategorised as an extreme sport, and it builds muscles better than football, rugby or anything else we know of!
Because you throw your head collar over your shoulder, grip on to the saddle for dear life and pile stirrups, reins and everything else on top of that. Taking two journeys is just a waste of time. 
We’ve already had enough of the “horse riding isn’t a real sport” quotes, actually, horse riding is much more than a sport, much more than a hobby too, it’s a way of life!¬†
Next time someone complains they got tackled in football or that they fell over skiing, show them the bruise on your foot where your ton of animal stepped on you by accident. 
Because your horse always knows just how you feel, and can understand you better than any human!
It’s nice that they’d show support right? But it’s a bit embarrassing when they just ignore the massive error you made. We suppose jumping a hedge on the back of a huge beast looks amazing to anyone who doesn’t know the flaws to look for!
Going the yard to clean the stables, feed your horse and maybe even ride can give you an interesting equestrian aroma, but you’re used to it, and when you get in you need to make up for all those calories you burnt!
Because he just wants to be close to his favourite person.
Yep, he might have refused to eat that medicine, felt like galloping away from you in the field when you went to bring him in and he may have even stomped his hooves angrily when you tried to groom him, but you still love him. 
If you fall off the horse what do you do? You get right back on of course!
Churchill was a wise man, and we like him even more now we know he had this philosophy. 
Because you can’t resist that face.
Can you imagine a life without being covered in hay and manure, where you got to lie in until late in the morning, where you didn’t come home with sore thighs from a lesson without stirrups? Can you imagine living without that? I bet you wouldn’t change it for the world.
You made that long walk to the field, you’ve fed him carrots and apples, but now he’s just wandering away back to play with his friends. Don’t worry, when he’s in the stable he can’t run away from your love!¬†
Which is your favourite?

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Posted by: Edgemere
Posted on: 22/04/2014
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