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Flex-On aims to allow the rider to enhance their riding experience through a wider range of products to unrivalled comfort and customisability. We love it when technology meets super stylish, and we all adore a bit of matchy matchy and Flex-On Stirrups have done just that. These top of the range stirrups are the product of a French love story. Laurent Bordes, a specialist in railway and aerospace contracting, and his wife Caroline, who is an experienced rider, noticed a gap in the market and combined their skills and expertise to design and create a state of the art, shock absorbing stirrup with comfort and support of the utmost importance..

As riders we all suffer from aches and pains, as our bodies are put to the test alongside our equestrian partners. That’s why it’s important for us to choose riding equipment which is going to support us physically, helping us to reduce the stress we put our bodies under, so that we can perform to the very best of our ability. The Flex-On stirrups definitely tick this box with a shock-absorbing system whereby the tread rests on elastomer springs with Grip and Ultra-Grip technologies. Further to this, the tread and stirrup leather slot have been ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort and joint stress relief, as well as better connection with your horse and a correct foot position in the stirrup.

These highly functional stirrups look fantastic and are sure to compliment any matchy colour scheme that you like. We have the Safe on Stirrups in black and many other colours aswell as the Green Composite version in all sizes. Not only are Green Composites very lightweight and durable, they are much more environmentally friendly to manufacture than traditional materials.

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Posted by: Edgemere
Posted on: 24/06/2019
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