Halloween Pet Costumes



Pets have the eternal problem of being so cute, that their owners often can’t resist dressing them up. Luckily, our four-legged friends often put up with it bravely just to entertain us, and it’s a good thing too, because a pet dressed up is one of the funniest things imaginable. Here are just a few ideas you might be able to recreate this Halloween.

Above is a very well behaved Shih-Tzu dressed as the fictional wizard Harry Potter. Sadly he’s not an Animagus, but we don’t think he needs to be; with his adorable Griffindor scarf and round glasses with lightning scar, he’s probably out to bite Voldemort’s ankles.



Who let this pony out of prison? This little jailbird seems to be smiling with joy at his freedom, and I don’t think those handcuffs will fit over his hooves.



Star Wars fan? Have you ever noticed how whippets and greyhounds bear remarkable resemblance to the ATATs? Well you’ll see just how alike they are if you buy this amazing ATAT costume!



Guinea pigs with their round bodies and complacent attitudes make the perfect victim volunteer for trying out all sorts of hilarious Halloween costumes!



Sphinx cats are one of the few breeds that appreciate dressing up – primarily because they are completely hairless, and will appreciate any extra warmth. This gives you the perfect opportunity to add funny details like this shark fin.



Pugs are practically bred to be dressed up; their squished little faces and googly eyes go perfectly with all manner of costumes, and their petite size allows you to imagine up almost any concept. This Star Wars fan has reimagined the beautiful princess Leia, and we’re sure this little guy won’t be the same geek pin-up as Carrie Fisher.



This cute little Guinea Pumpkin will waddle around your feet and frighten even the bravest guests at parties!



Turn your majestic steed into the harbinger of darkness with a little horse-friendly paint – better still, leave him out in the field to terrify passing hikers. Remember to only use paint specifically designed for horses!



Ever noticed how a Shih-Tzu looks a little like an Ewok? This owner did, so they got a little leather cowl and walking stick.



Feeling too lazy to create a proper Halloween costume? Then just grab a hat and cut a face hole in it. Please note, even though this looks cute, it’s not at all practical for your pet!



Want Halloween guests to scream in terror as they think a giant reptile is eating your pet? Then this crocodile costume is for you.



Even the dainty and cute can be terrifying – if you’re lucky enough to have a puppy or a teacup dog, let them join in with the fearsome fun by getting them a dainty costume too.



We imagine all tortoises dream of their ancestors that once ruled the world in the age of the dinosaurs, and they’d all like to pretend they were terrifying large herbivores again. You can make their dreams come with this creatively knitted tortoise sweater.



Finally, what’s the most horrifying thing on the planet right now? That’s right, Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball Video. This pug has cleverly picked out a Halloween costume that captures all the terror of the occasion.

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Posted by: Edgemere
Posted on: 31/10/2013
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