Micklem Bridles Explained

micklemMicklem Bridles Explained

There are three key features to the Micklem Bridles.  These are as follows

  • More Comfortable
  • More Humane
  • More Effective


The Micklem Multibridle was the first bridle to be designed from the inside out.¬† William Micklem’s approach to designing the Micklem Bridle was to look closely at the shape of the horses skull and not just the exterior appearance of the horses head.¬† The horses head is a complexity of bones, teeth and nerves.¬† Therefore a very sensitive area.¬† The Rambo Micklem bridles avoid putting pressure on these areas.¬† As seen in the picture below.


When you look more closely at the horses skull.  The top jaw is a lot wider than the lower jaw.  As seen below.


When looking at the horses skull like this. It is easy to see how many flash bridles or even bitless/ combination bits can cause pressure points, bruising or even lacerations on the inside of your horse cheeks or gums.  This discomfort can result in abnormal behaviour for your horse, such as reluctance to go forward to the contact, napping or in more sever cases bucking and rearing.

The Micklem Bridle Solution

The Rambo Micklem Bridle is extremely popular for many horses.  Each horse is an individual.  Some are more sensitive than others and some have bad experiences.  Some horses resist the contact as a result of pain.  This is frequently caused by the damaged bars of the mouth as a result of poorly fitting bridles and squashing the delicate areas of the face.  Some horses dislike pressure on the tongue and therefore will evade by trying to put their tongue over the bit.  The Rambo Micklem Bridle allows your horse controlled freedom and is a more comfortable approach for your horse.

Can I compete in a Micklem Bridle?

This is a very popular question.  The answer is simple.  The Micklem Multibridle is for use at home and not allowed in competitions.  However the Micklem Competition Bridle does not have the ring on the nose piece or the bitless attachments.  Therefore can be used in all competitions.

There are thousands of success stories from riders of all levels.¬† Some top names are Karen O’Connor (Eventing), Laura Kraut (Show Jumping ) , John Ledingham (Show Jumping).

To really feel the difference , you need to ride in a Micklem Bridle.  You and Your Horse will feel so much happier.  Having used one myself on a fussy Chestnut mare.  I would highly recommend them.  Some of our customers refer to the Micklem bridles as Magic Bridles.  This really does say it all!


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