Pessoa Bridles

Pessoa Bridles


The Pessoa Bridles are fast becoming a must have piece of saddlery for any horse owner.  At only £69 for a complete bridle with Slim liner, flexible rubber grip reins.  How can you say no?

The Pessoa Bridles come in two options

The Pessoa Flash Bridle B910

The Pessoa Grackle Bridle B913

Both of these luxurious Pessoa bridles have the following key features

  • Ergonomic shaped head piece.¬† The Head piece is curved around the ears.¬† Creating a more comfortable fit on the horses poll area.¬† The soft padding alleviates any pressure.¬† The wider head piece sits in a better position around your horses ears.¬† Keeping your horse happier and more comfortable.
  • The padded noseband.¬† The grackle is padded for comfort in four places.¬† The flash noseband is padded on the cavesson part with a detachable flaps strap.
  • Both come complete with soft rubber grip reins – These are the best reins.
  • Padded and shaped brow band.¬† Padded for comfort.¬† The stylish shape of the brow band not only looks great.¬† Whilst also keeping your horse comfortable with out restriction in a sensitive area.
  • Made from high quality leather
  • All for only ¬£69 !

Breastplate to wear with Pessoa Bridles

We all like our tack to match and look smart.  So why not treat your self to a matching Pessoa Breastplate.  Our favourite is the Pessoa 5 Point Breastplate.  With elasticated sections to allow freedom of movement. The Pessoa 5 Point Breastplate is only £47.

Pessoa Bridles at Edgemere

You can view or purchase your Pessoa Bridles online at Edgemere.¬† Or in store.¬† We try our very best to keep the popular Pessoa Bridles in stock.¬† However due to the high quality and amazing price.¬† We will warm you they sell very quickly.¬† Don’t worry though.¬† We have weekly deliveries of Pessoa Bridles.


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Posted by: Edgemere
Posted on: 20/12/2017
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