Most Relatable Horse Memes

The thing about horse riding is no matter how different we are, we can all relate to the same jokes and experiences when it comes to anything equestrian. You might find yourself telling horse jokes to your friends, but unless they too see horses every day they just won’t get it. Only other horse people will understand the memes and jokes featured in the post, so share them at the stables for best results!


Mud up to your knees, horse hair covering every inch of your clothing and gooey patches of horse slobber covering your arms where your horse thought it would be ok to nibble you a bit – the equestrian uniform always starts off with the nicest boots, the prettiest polo and the smartest jodhpurs, but inevitably at some point you will have to concede defeat and just accept that it is your fate to be covered in dirt!


The opinions of equestrian folk are often varied, and this image illustrates that perfectly! When we first started horse riding we likely all dreamed of cantering across meadows on a beautiful glossy horse; one that wins rosettes due to it’s outstanding discipline, and certainly one with perfect grace and poise. Sadly, the truth is the equestrian life usually involves a sometimes clumsy horse who adores mud, a lot of mucking out, and a never ending stream of horse-related bills. However, we still think it’s worth it!


On the subject of muddy horses, here’s an all too familiar site; you just finish cleaning your horse in summer, he’s shining clean, but a little damp, so you let him out in a sunny field to dry. Big mistake, because the horse’s first thought is usually to roll about in the dustiest part of the field, leaving him caked in dusty damp dirt.


Ok, some people don’t ‘get’ the whole dancing horses thing, but we hope after the UK’s performance at the 2012 Olympics many more people have developed a love of dancing dressage horses.


As we said before, the uniform of an equestrian is mud, horse slobber and more mud!


Forget ‘crazy cat ladies’, some of us are definitely crazy horse people. After all, what difference does ‘just one more’ make really?


Let’s be honest, the equestrian life is all-encompassing. Every spare moment is spent at the stables, every weekend is spent riding, and every other moment is dedicated to cleaning the stables, feeding your horse and grooming it. Not that we mind!



 Of course, at the end of the day, even though horses are sometimes a bit bumbling, a little clumsy, occasionally naughty and constantly dirty, we still love them, and find them entirely forgiveable!


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Posted by: Edgemere
Posted on: 29/01/2014
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