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Stubben Bridles

Stubben Bridles are widely known as a premium brand of leatherwork.  All equestrian people aspire to have luxurious and top quality saddler for their horses.  Our aim as a business it to bring the latest and most innovative Stubben Bridles to you at the very best prices.

Stubben Leitrim Bridle

Stubben Leitrim Bridles are a very popular choice.  Your horse will enjoy the comfort of a padded comfort headpiece, brow band and noseband.  This alleviates any pressure points.  Therefore the ultimate in luxury and comfort for your horse.  The bridle comes complete with rubber reins which provide excellent grip .  The complete bridle is made from high quality Stubben Leather.

Stubben Bridle Reviews

‘My Stubben Leitrim Bridle arrived quickly and fitted perfectly.¬† The size guide was helpful.¬† Thank you Edgemere’

‘I always choose Stubben, they last years and years and fit the best’

‘My horse looks sooooo smart in his new bridle. Very happy customer’

Stubben Bridle Size Chart

When you are choosing your new Stubben Bridle, it is vital that you select the correct size.  The correct size will provide your horse with a comfortable and unrestricted start to his ridden work.  Each horse is very much an individual and may need a slightly different size in certain areas.  An approximate guide for sizing your Stubben Bridle is below

Pony Upto 14 hh

Cob 14.1hh to 15.2hh

Full 15.2hh and above

You will have to look at your horses head size.  Horses are all individuals and you may find that your 16.2hh has a small and delicate head and fits a cob size bridle.

If we can be of any help in you choosing your Stubben Bridle, please do not hesitate to contact us.¬† Our knowledgeable Sales team are always on hand on 01948 820 720.¬† Or you can email us [email protected]

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Posted by: Edgemere
Posted on: 12/12/2014

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