Veredus Save the Sheep Boots

Veredus Save the Sheep Boots


The Veredus Save the Sheep Boots are the latest Show Jumping boots to hit the equestrian market.

What is Veredus Save the Sheep?

The Veredus Save the Sheep collection offers a new type of techno ready Sheep skin lining to the tendon and fetlock boots.  A man made fabric which has no animal parts included.  Therefore is completely cruelty free. Hence the name Save the Sheep.  The benefits of this man made material are a plenty.  Easier to care for and clean being the biggest.

Key features of the Veredus Save the Sheep Boots

  • ¬†Easy to wash.¬† These can be washed by hand.¬† Or put in the washing machine on a cool wool wash.
  • Dries quickly
  • A more comfortable fit against the horses leg than natural sheepskin
  • Based on the Carbon Gel Vento model of boots.¬† Therefore offering ventilation.¬† Both horizontally and vertically.¬† This innovative style with ventilation is one of a kind in the show jumping world.¬† Making Veredus Save the Sheep boots the ultimate choice for style and performance.
  • Appearance – We all love our horses to look good.¬† These are just wow!
  • Flexor tendon protection.¬† The Carbon Strike pad¬†down the back of the Veredus Save the Sheep Tendon boots protects the tendon.¬† Teamed with the nitrex-gel shock absorber film that lies with in the boots.
  • If your horse has any lumps, bumps or splints.¬† The Save the Sheep lining offer comfort and avoids pressure in these areas.

Veredus Save the Sheep Boots from Edgemere

The Veredus Save the Sheep Boots are available from Edgemere both in store and online.¬† We are passionate about your horses protection and comfort.¬† If our team can help at all.¬† Please do not hesitate to call us on 01948 820 720 or email [email protected]


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Posted by: Edgemere
Posted on: 05/11/2017
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