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Dublin Footwear

Dublin is an equestrian brand renowned for its quality, and with a rich heritage in horse riding, its boots and other items of clothing are worn by many horse riders throughout the UK.  Its boots are often packed with design features that ensure comfort, warmth and style whether you choose to wear them while riding, or simply walking through the countryside.

Dublin Country Boots

Each Dublin country boot is manufactured with all day comfort and warmth in mind, especially during the winter months when this is of particular importance.  The sweat control lining in the country boots will mean your feet never get too warm, and a padded heel cushion mean these boots are as comfortable as they are stylish.

Dublin Riding Boots

Dublin Riding Boots are an excellent option for riders of all levels.  Performance footbeds offer comfort and support for everyone from expert horse riders to those that like a casual ride out at the weekends.  Waterproof and fully breathable, the Dublin Riding Boots really are a superb option.