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Free Jump

Free Jump

Free Jump provide the latest and most advanced innovation in safety technology in the form of stirrups for horse riding. The design of Free Jump stirrups encourages your feet to be in the optimum position for balance. The side of the stirrup is also designed for quick release, thus avoiding your foot getting caught in the stirrup in the case of a fall. This then prevents any dragging or horrible accidents thereafter as you can completely fall free of the horse. The Free Jump Stirrups are available in a variety of different colours to match your colours, such as Black, Chocolate, Red, or Blue . If you would like any help choosing your Free Jump Stirrups, please call us on 01948 820 720 or feel free to come in and see us in our Shop, located just off the A41 in between Whitchurch and Chester.


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When Riding yor horse at home or Competing at the highest level.  We believe safety and comfort are of the utmost importance.  This is why we sell and wear Free Jump Stirrups.  Providing you with one of the safest riding stirrups on the market.  You will feel the grip and security from the tread.  Aswell as the Free Jump Safety mechanism if you are to have a fall.  This prevents your foot being caught in the stirrup and elminates the fear of being dragged by a paniced horse.