How to clean and care for your Ariat Boots

How to Clean and Care for your Ariat Boots

An Ariat Boot purchase is an investment and therefore deserve to be looked after.  Not only in order to keep them looking great but also to preserve them for a longer life.

At Edgemere  we stock the full range of Ariat boots and knowing how to look after each style is something we pride ourselves on. Have a look at the range we stock to

Basic care on a daily basis is a neccesity if you are to make the most of your Ariat footwear no matter which style you have purchased. General cleaning guidelines include:

  • A wipe down with a damp cloth to remove mud, greese and residue is a good starting point for all of the boots in their range.
  • If boots have become saturated it is advisable to remove insoles and stuff absorbent tissue paper inside to soak up the moisture. Whilst the boots are drying it is essential that they are not placed near direct heat an they are allowed to dry naturally. If they are placed next to direct heat the drying out process is accelerated but it encourages cracks to appear and to damage the leather.
  • Once the footwear has been wiped and dired thoroughly it is time to ensure they are conditioned. Ariat produce a specialised conditioner Ariat Liquid Wax Leather Conditioner.¬† This is easy to apply and helps clean, condition and waterproof your boots for a longer life span. Alongside this polishing your Ariat boots with an appropriate boot polish can be used to bring up a shine and to continue to lengthen their their life span.
  • Optional extra treatments can include waterproofing your boots in order to protect against the elements and giving the leather a second skin against water damage.
  • Nubuck and suede finishes for boots such as the Windermere, Bromonts or Coniston styles will need careful consideration after they have been allowed to dry naturally. A stiff brush can be used to revive the nubuck and to brush off any remaining dirt. Alternatively suede and nubuck can be cleaned with a specialised shampoo before allowing to dry.

Looking after your Ariat Boots will make them last longer and keep them super comfortable for you.

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Posted on: 14/10/2014
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