Clipping Your Horse

Clipping Your Horse

Before clipping your horse please think about why you want to clip them and what kind of clip you want to give them. Clipping ensures your horse remains healthy and comfortable. There are lots of horse clippers to choose from Clipperman, Liveryman, Wahl, Lister.

Should you Clip or Trim

If your horse gets too hot during exercise or is becoming chilled while waiting to dry in cold weather you should definitely consider clipping. Having a heavy coat then makes it incredibly difficult for them to dry out quickly, clipping these sort of horses or ponies is a must.


  • For quick drying after exercise
  • So your horse can be exercised¬†rigorously without being uncomfortable
  • To maintain good condition by avoiding excessive sweating
  • Makes grooming easier

Clipping may not be for you and your horse then regular trimming (with scissors) of your horse’s head, muzzle, ears and legs will be sufficient.

Some horses are clipped all year round. Older horses are also clipped in the summer months as some do not lose their winter coat properly. There are all types of clips you can do on your horse.

Trace Clip - There are two types, the high and the low trace. This clip allows horses and ponies to be exercised without getting too hot. It also allows them to continue being turned-out in the winter. The coat is removed from the belly and up the underside of the neck.

Blanket Clip - This type of clip would suit a horse that has regular exercise, is turned-out in the field and does various events at the weekends. The coat is removed completely from the head, neck and flanks, leaving only an area of hair that looks like an exercise sheet over the back and hind-quarters and on the legs. The hair on the legs is left mainly for warmth and protection.

Hunter Clip - Used mainly for horses in heavy work, such as hunters. The clip is similar to the blanket except the hair over the hind-quarters is removed leaving only a patch in the saddle area. Again, the leg hair remains for warmth and protection.

Full Clip - This is usually given to competition horses that compete in the winter months. The whole of the coat is removed, including body, legs and head. This clip looks very smart but does require careful stable management. Horses with a full clip need to be rugged up at all times and may need to wear stable bandages in very cold weather.


  • First of all you need to purchase a good quality pair of clippers. There are many different types available depending on the job you need them for.
  • Give your horse a bath if he is particularly dirty, if this is not necessary make sure he is groomed thoroughly, getting rid of any dirt and sweat that might clog up the clippers.
  • Introduce your horse to clippers very carefully. Show them to your horse when they are turned off, rub them over the horses body – talk to your horse all the time in a calming voice.
  • Once you feel confident, turn the clippers on and let your horse become accustomed to the noise they make before you start clipping him.
  • Have a rug ready to put on your horse as you clip him, he will soon notice the difference!
  • Have someone on hand to hold your horse and comfort him if he becomes agitated.
  • Using chalk to outline the area you are going to clip, particularly if you have not clipped a horse before.
  • While clipping the body, the clippers must run flat over the coat, don’t use too much pressure otherwise you will create lines known as ‘tram-lines’.
  • On the other hand, when clipping the legs and face you will need to clip against the hair as it is shorter than the rest of the hair on the horse’s body.
  • Be firm, but gentle when working around the head. It is probably best to use a pair of finishing trimmers (they make less noise).
  • When you have finished, make sure that your horse is rugged up according to what sort of clip you have given him, apply stable bandages if necessary and give him a well deserved treat!
  • If all else fails, get an expert to do it for you. It won’t cost you very much and it could cut out a lot of stress for both you and your horse.

Horse Clipper Service and Blade Sharpening

We offer a drop off service in store where you can drop your clippers off.  We will organize for them to be serviced and repaired.  We advise Clippers are serviced regularly.  We also offer a blade sharpening service.  If we can be of any help , please do not hesitate to contact us.

** Please be aware ** If your are unsure of clipping correctly. We would advise you to seek help from a knowledgeable equestrian person such as your instructor or saddler.

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Posted by: Edgemere
Posted on: 13/03/2019

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