Cross Country Colours


Racesafe Cross Country Colours

We Love the Bespoke Racesafe Cross Country Colours.  Throughout the Eventing Season we are flat out taking orders for all of your fancy colours and designs.  The matching Racesafe Event Shirt and Racesafe Hat Cover work really well together.


Racesafe Cross Country Colours Shirts

The Event shirt from Racesafe is made from a high performance Sportech fabric.  Available in either unisex or ladies fittings.  Providing a comfortable, non restrictive, personalised shirt to compete in.  Helping to keep you cool, by stabilising your body temperature.  The full range of colours and patterns allows you to create your very own unique Cross Country outfit.

Racesafe Cross Country Colours Hat Silks

The hat silks are made from 100% Soft finish nylon satin.  Available with either the ties or the more popular elastic back option.  You can choose your colours and design.  Design options are Plain, Stars, Checks , Diamonds, Hoops , Shamrocks, Stripes, Hearts, Quartered, Spots and more. Then it is a simple question of weather to have a button on top or a pom pom?

Cross Country Colours at Edgemere

Here at Edgemere we like to go that extra mile for our customers and offer bespoke items.  You can order these Bespoke Cross Country colours online or in store.  For the real experience.  Please feel free to visit our Cheshire based store.  We keep a selection of shirts available and a book of colour swatches.  Therefore it is easy to work out colour schemes and patterns.  And visualise how good they will look.

If you live further away.¬† Don’t worry.¬† We have a selection of pictures to help you see the colours and patterns available on our website.

From the date of ordering, they take approximately 2 weeks for delivery into our warehouse.¬† If we can be of any help.¬† Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team, [email protected]


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Posted by: Edgemere
Posted on: 08/08/2016

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