Horse Rug Size Guide


Horse Rug Size Guide

The Horse Rug size guide is designed to help you to select your horses rug size easily and avoid possible pitfalls.  Just like human beings, each horse is a different size and shape and selecting the correct size rug is essential.  We are here to help you.  In the text below will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about horse rug size.

How do I measure my horse for a rug

If you have never purchased a horse rug before or have recently acquired a new horse.  The best way to establish the correct horse rug size is to measure with a tape measure from the centre of the horses chest, along his side and around to inline with the horses tail.

Horse Rugs are sold in set sizes and they go up in 3 inch increments.¬† For example 6’3, 6’6 and 6’9.¬† If your horse measures in between these sizes.¬† We would usually advise rounding up as a rule of thumb.¬† Buying the correct horse rug size will ensure your horse is comfortable and happy.horse_measure

What Horse Rugs do I need for one horse?

Once you have decided on your horse rug size.  You will need to think about which horse rugs your horse will need.  Some equestrian people say that having a horse is like having a child.  You need to be prepared for every occasion.  Our advised horse wardrobe for the active horse that is in full work through Summer and Winter is below.  Obviously this advise would differ if the horse is retired or not being ridden.

The above Horse Rug wardrobe will allow you to take care of your horse carefully and efficiently.  You will have the correct rugs for the seasons and be ready for every eventuality.  Your horse trusts that you will take the best care of him you can.

Approximate Horse Rug Size Guide

rug size

When should I clean my horses rugs?

Horse rugs should be kept hygienic and as clean as possible.  For example keeping your horses stable clean and dry will keep his stable rugs clean as well.  Regular grooming through the Winter months will ensure your horses turnout rug stays as clean as possible.  We advise people to have their horses Winter Rugs professionally cleaned once they take them off and down grade to a lighter weight rug.  This allows time for them to be cleaned, repaired and reproofed.  You can then store them ready for the following Winter.

Reproofing Horse Rugs

We advise all of our customers to reproof their horses Turnout Rugs once a year.

In store we offer a drop off and collection service for Rug Washing, repairing and reproofing.

Horse Rugs at Edgemere

Our friendly and knowledgeable Sales Team are always here to help.¬† We all have horses ourselves, can help with horse rug size queries.¬† If you are local customer please visit our large retail shop based near Malpas Cheshire.¬† Or you can contact us on 01948 820 720 or email [email protected]



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Posted on: 08/01/2015

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