How To Clean Equipe Saddles And Bridles

How To Clean Equipe Saddles And Bridles

Here at Edgemere we supply the full range of Equipe Saddlery. A top quality selection of Equipe Bridles, Equipe Saddles, Equipe Breastplates and accessories. This stunning selection of leatherwork will keep you and your horse comfortable and ready to perform. So we want you to look after it as best you can so here are a few tips of how to do that.

To ensure that the saddle maintains its aesthetics through time, and for the hide and leather to preserve their characteristic softness and suppleness, extending the saddle’s life and its appeal, it is important for hide cleaning and moisturising treatments with specific products to be regularly carried out.
This consist of some fairly simple and yet essential care, allowing a natural protective barrier to be created , protecting the hide against natural agents such as light and heat that could otherwise cause its premature aging.

With this in mind Selleria Equipe has created specific products

Soft Clean – Equipe leather care products have been specially developed for use on the naturally tanned leather used in the creation of Amerigo and Equipe saddles. None soapy cleaner which removes dirt and sweat from the leather without drying it out.

Soft Oil The Equipe Oil helps to maintain suppleness and flexibility in your Equipe leather work. Allowing the leather to move with your horse. The oil is made of natural ingredients (triglycerides), intended for the preservation of leather saddles and accessories. It protects the leather against sweat/moisture and external factors and also helps maintain flexibility.

Grease – The Equipe Soft Grease is used for the maintenance and conditioning of leather saddles and accessories. It helps to prevent premature ageing caused by sweat, and heat. Soft Grease protects the leather by creating a natural barrier and a waterproof effect. It contains protective moisturisers which, with regular usage, help to maintain the condition of the leather.

Soft Care – Soft care from Equipe is designed for daily use or for quick cleaning during competitions. It is a complete cleaner and conditioner to remove dirt and oils and leave the leather moisturised and supple. Daily soft care cleaner should be supplemented on occasion with a deeper cleaning Equipe soft clean followed by Equipe soft grease ( for heavy duty waterproofing and protection) or Equipe soft oil.

*** Remember if you do not clean your Equipe tack with Equipe products your warranty is void ***

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