Kentucky Bamboo Shield

The Kentucky Bamboo Shield is a brand new and innovative technology incorporated into the boots.

With a strong TPU Shell to protect your horse whilst moving and jumping.  The Multiple ventilation points create an air flow to help keep your horses legs cool through out your performance.  The Kentucky Bamboo Shield Tendon boots are available with or without Vegan Sheepskin.

Why use Kentucky Bamboo Shield?

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world.  With a tensile strength stronger and harder than steel.  Being incredibly strong , durable and sustainable.  You can rest assured your horse is as well protected as possible.  Watch the video below to see just how protective and strong they really are.

It has taken over three years of rigorous testing  for Kentucky to proudly present this new technology.

The Kentucky Bamboo Shield Boots are all anatomically shaped to allow the horse freedom of movement to flex and pick up his legs easily and with out restriction.  The aim of Kentucky is to provide as much protection for the horse as possible with out restricting movement and ability.

The Kentucky Vegan Sheepskin Tendon Boots can are perfect for clipped or sensitive horses.  They can be matched with the Kentucky Vegan Sheepskin Young Horse Fetlock Boots Air.  For complete four leg protection.

Kentucky Bamboo Shield from Edgemere

Here at Edgemere we are proud to keep up to speed with the latest products and pride ourselves and being at the fore front of bringing you the latest technologies are you and your horse.  You can buy your new Kentucky Bamboo Shield Boots from the Edgemere store based in Malpas , Cheshire. As one of the first retailers to have the latest Kentucky boots.  We will have the pride of place on our Bolesworth International Horse Show trade stand.

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Posted by: Edgemere
Posted on: 23/06/2022
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