Magnetic Horse Therapy

Magnetic Horse Therapy

Magnetic Therapy has long been applauded in the Equine world but what can this do for your horse? If you have not used such equipment before let us talk you through the reasons you may consider starting and which products can help you.

Why use magnets?

Magnetic Therapy is a non-invasive and pain free alternative therapy that can be used for a number of conditions and can be helpful in the general day to day well being of your horse. Through harnessing the magnetic attraction the blood flow will increase to the area it is applied allowing the flushing of toxins through increasing the circulation. This will be helpful in banishing anti-oxidents allowing the bodies immune system to function more readily. It will also allow clean oxidised blood to flow helping damaged tissue and bone to heal more effectively.

Magnets for Horses

How can this knowledge be harnessed for use in our equine friends? There will be a number of ailments we as horses owners would have come across such as laminitis, splints, tendons, filled legs, suspensory/ ligament damage, spilt hooves, sore backs and hock pain. All of these can benefit greatly from the use of magnetic therapy. The main basis of this therapy being effective is that through increasing the blood flow this will reduce the inflamation and therefore reduce pain.

What products can you use to benefit your horse for this type of therapy?

Lower Limbs:

For lower limb problems such as problematic hooves, splints, tendon and suspensory damage there are a number of specialised magnetic boots that have been developed for ease of use and to aid in helping these problems.

Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Chaps Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Chaps

Veredus Magnetik Stable Boot

Veredus Stable Boot

Veredus Four Hours Boot

Veredus Stable 4 Hours Boot

These three types of lower leg boots are great for helping disperse fluid by aiding lymphatic drainage. For those horse owners who struggle with stabled horses and filled legs these can be really beneficial in alleviating this.

Veredus Magnetik Hoof Boot

Veredus Hoof BootGreat for encouraging hoof horn growth and therfore helpful for horses with problematic hooves.

Veredus Hock Boot

Veredus Hock BootThese hock boots from Veredus are a fantastic aid for this hard working joint by bringing better blood flow to this area it will help to keep it supple and mobile.

Your Horses Back

Magnetic back therapy is useful not only to treat sore backs but to treat the muscles before and after exercise to help aid the warm up and cool down process. There has also been an added benefit that this type of therapy helps relieve tension and promotes relaxation allowing more effective and harmonious training. Alongside this the magnets encourage better circulation and will therefore reduce the amount of free radicals in their system helping the horses immune system gain a boost.

Equilibrium Saddle Pad

Equilibrium Massage Pad

We offer a couple of types of back magnetic therapy systems from pulsating to static magnets. The Equilibium Therapy Massage Pad is a pulstating form of therapy whereas their Magentic Therapy Back Pad is a static magnetic treatment. A great innovation has also been the Veredus Magnetik Rug which is perfect for travelling or horses in their stable. This has strategically placed magnets to help target specific muscle groups.

For all our Magnetic Therapy solutions please have a look at our Magnetic Therapy for Horses page or call us for more information on 01948 820 720.


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Posted on: 06/11/2014
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