Micklem Bridle

Micklem Bridle


Micklem Bridles were designed by William Micklem as the very first bridle to be designed from the inside out.  William analysed the horses skull shape, nerves and sensitive facial areas.  By doing this the Micklem bridle is the most comfortable bridle for your horse.  William believes to many bridles are designed from the external appearance of the horses head.


Key Benefits of the Micklem Bridle

  • The Micklem bridle has a tongue protection system .¬† This takes the pressure away from the tongue.
  • The horses bones in the skull are very delicate.¬† The micklem bridle has been designed to avoid the most delicate and sensitive areas
  • Tight flash nosebands apply pressure on the main motor and sensory nerves on the horses lower face area.¬† This causes extreme discomfort for your horse.¬† Also this can cuase numbness on the nose and lips.¬† Usually resulting in your horse rubbing his head on legs, fencing or stable blocks.¬† By wearing the Micklem Bridle you will avoid these problems.
  • A wider and padded head piece provide a more comfortable shape on the horses poll.

The Micklem Competition Bridle is competition legal.  Approved by the FEI, British Dressage, British Eventing, and British Show Jumping.

A popular choice is the Micklem Diamante Copmetition Bridle.  The standard Micklem Competition Bridle just got better.  You can now add a touch of sparkle for that extra glamorous appearance.  Made from high quality leather.  With padded cheek pieces, brow band and noseband.

The Micklem Competition Bridles come without reins.  However they can be purchase separately.  As the Rambo Micklem Rubber Grip Reins.


Micklem Bridles from Edgemere

Here at Edgemere we are Micklem Bridle fans.  We love to keep our horses comfortable and happy.  A happy and comfortable horse will always try his best for you.  To feel the difference in your horse.  You need to try a Micklem Bridle.

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Posted by: Edgemere
Posted on: 31/01/2018
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