Horseware is an extremely well known brand through out the Equestrian World.  It was found by Tom and Carol MacGuinness.  Horseware Ireland as the brand is well known as was founded in Dundalk Ireland in 1985.  Through months of research and had stitched rug proto types, the Rambo Original Rug was created, yes the green one with red binding, (we have all had one!)  Their hard work and perserverance to make a rug that did not leak or slip sideways and did not make the horse sweat, pushed them through the hard times to finally create the first fully waterproof and breathable turnout rug on the market.  This was a massive turning point for the complete Horse Rug industry aswell as horse owners. 

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From that day till now Horseware has progressed and grown dramatically in size.  Horseware now offer a huge range of rugs to suit every horse and horse owner.  From Turnout rugs and Stable rugs in varying weights, fits and styles, to Coolers, fly rugs, travel rugs, exercise rugs and may more.  Horseware's innovative approach helps us all as horse owners to provide our horses with the best possible protection against the different types of Weather we experience through out the Seasonal Calender. 

Horseware also provide a range of riding clothing for the rider aswell to help keep you warm, dry and cool through out the year, whether it be at home looking after your horse or on the go to a show or event.

If you would like to view the extensive Horseware collection, please feel free to visit our Show room located near Malpas Cheshire or call a member of our knowledgeable Sales team on 01948 820 720

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Horseware Rambo Liner 100,200,300 or 400 gram

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Horseware Rambo Airmax Disc Front Cooler

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Amigo Walker Rug 100g

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Amigo Mio Skrim Cooler Rug

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Rambo Airmax Liner

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Horseware H20 Pull Up Waterproof Trousers

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Amigo Mio Insulator Medium Stable Rug 150g

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