Dressage is a fantastic competitive equestrian sport which is full of history and character. It's a difficult sport to master, and some devote their whole lives to becoming a better rider in the hope that they can one day become world-class. If you are currently training for Dressage, you will know that the two most important things within the sport are horse and rider. In order to make the most of these, though, you will need the correct dressage equipment for the job, especially if you are hoping to compete against others.

At Edgemere, we have been providing dressage equipment to both professionals and amateurs for years. We stock dressage boots and bandages, fleck, patent bridles, saddle cloths and pads, and a number of stunning clothing items for the rider, such as Kingsland wellies and Pikeur jackets. Not only are all of our dressage products chosen for their quality, we also strive to deliver the very best prices online for all of our products ensuring that you get the best value for money as physically possible.

If you are currently shopping around for dressage kit and equipment which means business, you can count on Edgemere to supply all of your needs.

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Charles Owen Ayr8 Leather Look Plus (56cm-61cms) Bespoke Colours

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Roeckl Lisboa Crystal Roeck Grip Riding Gloves

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Kentucky Horsewear Air Turnout Boots

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Charles Owen Ayr8 Leather Look Plus (56cm-61cms) Sparkly Trim

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