Tendon and Fetlock Boots

At Edgemere we supply a large range of Tendon and fetlock boots that are mainly used for showjumping purposes. They are useful boots whilst jumping as they offer your horse maximum protection aswell as keeping the horses legs cool and open.

We offer a large range of leather and plastic tendon and fetlock boots from a variety of brands such as Kentaur, Eskadron, John Whitaker, Woof Wear, Veredus and many more.

Our selection of tendon and fetlock boots for your horse is based on the extensive research of our staff in finding the highest quality boots that will provide the best protection for your horse.  They are so important because they can help prevent injuries, even in high impact disciplines like showjumping.

We have a good relationship with our suppliers who are able to supply us with their most up to date tendon boots, ensuring they have the latest technology that can protect your horse.

If you require any advice or help choosing which boots your horse needs, please ring the Edgemere Sales Team on 01948 820 720.