Horse Clippers

At Edgemere we stock and supply a large quantity of horse Clippers from leading suppliers such as Liveryman, Wahl and Lister. From Trimmers for small daily jobs through to heavy duty professional clippers we can help you. Clipping is not always an easy job therefore we have selected a good range of trimmers and clippers to take the stress out of clipping for you.

We know that keeping your hard working horse cool is important, but it’s also essential to keep your horse in pristine condition for show season, as even the smallest detail can make a difference between winning and losing.  We also know that you need different types of clippers for different horses.  If a horse is nervous, then you’re more likely to need a quiet clipper.

We also provide trimmers that are able to provide a better job in the summer as they are smaller and more manoeuvrable.

For instance, the Liveryman Element is a fantastic addition to help anyone with clipping heads and difficult places as it a very heavy duty trimmer. If you require any help in selecting the best clipper or trimmer for your yard, please contact the knowledgeable Edgemere team on 01948 820 720.

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Heiniger Saphir Clippers

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Heiniger Xplorer Clipper

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