Womens Horse Riding Whips, Canes & Spurs

When preparing for an equestrian competition, there can be no doubt that attention needs to be paid to every aspect of a horse rider’s competition clothing and the accessories that are used.  This means ensuring the jacket, jodhpurs and boots all match up, and the accessories being used on the horse also marry with the rest of the outfit to reinforce the harmony that should be in place between a horse and its rider.

Choosing the right cane, whip or spur is not an easy decision, particularly for the more competitive competitions where the details will often make the difference between winning and losing.

With this in mind, our expert staff here at Edgemere have helped work with our suppliers to select this range of whips, canes and spurs specifically for use in horse riding competition.  We have drawn on all our experiences to choose equipment that is of a high enough quality to help riders succeed competitively.

Whether you are looking for a Fleck whip, leather spur straps or roller ball spurs, you will find it here in this section of the Edgemere website.  We hope you can find what you are looking for.

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