Womens Waterproof Riding Boots

Riding boots are an essential part of a horse riders outfit – both for aesthetic purposes and for function.  The boots have to look stylish, but they also have to offer an unrestrictive, supported and comfortable riding experience.This is why at Edgemere we stock an extensive range of women’s horse riding boots that cater to riders of all experiences and abilities to ensure that they can make the most of their horse riding experience.

In the summer months, waterproof boots aren’t quite as essential as they are throughout the other three seasons (although we all know how rainy the summer has the potential to be!).  But when the winter does approach, and even in the autumn months, waterproof equestrian boots are a necessity for almost all horse riders.

The technology that goes into these waterproof riding boots is intensive, ensuring that the waterproofing doesn’t come at the expense of the comfort of the boot.  Every effort is taken to ensure that the riders feet are kept warm and dry, but without hampering any other aspect of the horse riding experience.

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