Riding Saddles & Tack

Riding Saddles & Tack

Here at Edgemere we stock a range of horse tack and horse saddles that we believe are market leading both in terms of their quality, and their value for money. All the bridles and saddles that we have in stock are suitable for horses of all sizes, and for riders of all experiences.

We understand that the perfect saddle is not only a good fit for your horse, but also for you. You have to be comfortable just like your horse if you truly want to enjoy the horse riding experience. This means that the saddle must fit snuggly across the shoulders of your horse, but this should not come at the detriment of the rider, who must find the perfect saddle for them.

The tack is any other piece of equipment used on the horse when riding, such as saddles, stirrups, bridles and anything else you would need to use when riding a horse. Just like our saddles, we know these pieces of equipment must not only be suitable for the horse, but also for the rider. This thought process is behind our selected choice of stock, so we hope you are able to find what you need from our selection of horse tack and saddles.

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Cheek Bristler

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Single Bridle Rack

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Sporty Haft-Spray

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Prolite Front Riser – Adjustable

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