Show Jumping Boot Rules


As you may have heard there are new rules for show jumping which started on January the 1st will all be explained in the link below. We have some great products from Veredus for you to have a look at.

Veredus are an equestrian brand known for supplying a diverse range of products for horses and the rider. Its products are always manufactured to a very high quality, and it is a brand that pours resource into developing new technology that improves the quality of the fabrics that it uses.

Why we love Veredus products this is because they have thought about the most important things which are our horses and the safety of them. The boots protect the horse’s hooves, and the saddlery and tack keep it comfortable when it is being ridden. For the rider its selection of boots is comfortable, stylish and enduring with the quality of the leather that they are made from.

The Rules

  •  Total maximum weight of equipment allowed to be added to a horse’s leg; front or hind (single or multiple boots, fetlock rings, etc) is 500g.
  • All hind leg protections must have a maximum interior length of 16cm and a minimum exterior width of 5cm.
  • The inside protection must be smooth and the fixings must be made of non-elastic Velcro type fasteners with no hooks or straps permitted.
  • The rounded rigid part of the protection must be placed around the inside of the fetlock. No additional elements may be used in conjunction with the protection.
  • Hind boots for classes under this rule that have an extra flap for protection should be allowed providing the flap is soft and clearly intended for protection only.
  • Fetlock rings may be used in addition for protective purposes providing they are properly adjusted and providing the total weight of equipment on the horse’s leg does not exceed 500g.
  • No additional element may be used in conjunction with the protection as detailed as above.

Veredus Young Jump 

Veredus Grand Slam Young Jump Fetlock Boots 

The Veredus Grand Slam Young Horse Fetlock Boots match through with the Veredus Grand Slam Tendon and Fetlock Boots. These are the recommended boots that are competition legal for FEI and BSJA Young Horse classes.

  • Double Velcro fastening
  • Machine washable
  • Neoprene Padding
  • Breathable
  • Anatomically shaped
  • Comply with all young horse classes

Veredus Young Jump XPro Fetlock Boots

The Veredus Young Jump XPro Fetlock Boots comply with the rules and regulations for International FEI Young horse competitions.

  • Anatomically shaped polyurethane impact resistant shell
  • Aerox breathable neoprene
  • Double velcro closure
  • Extended polyester reinforced protection to the lower part of the fetlock and pastern bone.
  • Useful for horses that strike that lower part of the leg
  • Prevents bruising or abrasions
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Posted by: Danny Painter
Posted on: 09/04/2019

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