The Best Horse Rugs for Every Occasion

Not sure on which rug to choose for your horse? We’ve picked out our top horse rugs for every occasion, so that you can be prepared whatever the weather.

Before we give you a run-down on our favourites, knowing when and when not to rug your horse is important. If your horse is too hot or cold, it can cause heat stress or skin rubs and infections from sweating. In some cases, it can even lead to obesity if the horse does not want to exercise due to already feeling too warm.

Before picking a rug, you also need to consider which type you’re looking for as these differ depending on the purpose. For example, stable rugs, show rugs, fly rugs and turnout rugs all have different features, such as thickness and weight, to match the occasion they should be worn.

Read our Ultimate Horse Rugging Guide to find out more on the different types of rugs. We have also included a handy temperature guide, so that you know when your horse needs their rug.

Edgemere’s Favourite Horse Rugs – Top 2 Picks

Amigo Insulator 100g Stable Rug

Amigo Insulator 100g Stable Rug

Fill: 100g ǀ Style: Classic Horsware fit ǀ Outer: 2100D ǀ Sizes: 5ft6–7ft ǀ Colours: Navy

This stable rug is the perfect addition to your horse’s wardrobe. It can be used all year-round as either a light stable rug on chilly days and nights in summer, or as a layering piece in winter.

The loops on the rug make attaching liners and hoods easy, and the classic original cut will ensure your horse looks great both out in the field or at the stables.

Tom Hollins, Manager of Edgemere, says: “The Amigo Insulator Stable Rug is extremely useful as an under rug. It’s also great when worn on its own. Due to its versatility, it’s a definite must-have for your horse rug collection.”

Kentucky Horsewear Show Rug

Kentucky Horsewear Show Rug x3 Colours-0

Fill: 160g ǀ Style: Diamond quilted pattern ǀ Outer: 600D ǀ Sizes: 5ft9–7ft ǀ Colours: Navy, Black, Bordeaux, Grey/Green 

The Kentucky Horsewear Show Rug features an artificial rabbit skin lining (100% animal friendly) which is extremely soft and helps to retain your horse’s body heat. There is also artificial sheepskin around the neck and chest area which makes the rug look luxurious and high quality.

Its high warmth to weight ratio means this show rug should be used during the colder months only.

Tom Hollins, Manager of Edgemere, says: “The Kentucky Show Rug is a beautiful choice for shows. It looks very smart and is ideal for travelling with your horses in the winter.”

Best Horse Cooler Rugs 

Thermatex Original Cooler Rug

Fill: N/A ǀ Style: Moulds to horse’s body shape ǀ Outer: N/A ǀ Sizes: 4ft–7ft3 ǀ Colours: 23 options

The Thermatex cooler rug moulds to the body shape of your horse and is designed to be used after exercise, during travel or as a stable rug.

As there is no joining seam in the material, it has direct contact with your horse’s body profile. This ensures the most efficient use of its wicking technology. You can also make this rug bespoke by having it personalised with your chosen initials.

Rambo Airmax Disc Front Cooler

Horseware Rambo Airmax Disc Front Cooler-0

Fill: N/A ǀ Style: Classic Horsware fit ǀ Outer: N/A ǀ Sizes: 5ft–7ft3 ǀ Colours: Black/Tan/Orange/Black

Made from a polyester airmesh fabric, this cooler rug keeps your horse warm in colder weather and cool in hotter weather thanks to its soft and absorbent inner which helps to wick away any moisture.

Available in the classic Horseware fit and shape, its disc front closure is safer and easier for equestrians to use.

Rambo Techni Waffle Cooler Rug

Fill: N/A ǀ Style: Waffle fabric ǀ Outer: N/A ǀ Sizes: 5ft6–7ft ǀ Colours: Burgundy/Black, Navy

Featuring the latest in moisture management technology, the Rambo Techni Waffle Cooler Rug is designed to keep your horse cool. It dries your horse quickly by effectively wicking away any sweat.

Its white fabric also reflects the heat from the sun, making it perfect for the stable or at shows.

Kentucky Horsewear Fleece Cooler Rug

Kentucky Horsewear Fleece Cooler Rug -0

Fill: N/A ǀ Style: Detachable surcingles ǀ Outer: N/A ǀ Sizes: 5ft9–7ft ǀ Colours: Navy

This cooling rug is the ideal choice for after training or bathing your horse. The rug absorbs sweat or water, ensuring that your horse doesn’t get cold in the process. Plus, it can also be used as a show rug thanks to the detachable surcingles on the inside.

The fancy leather piping and artificial sheepskin on the withers provide an elegant and luxurious look that will make your horse stand out from the crowd.

Best Stable Rugs

Rambo Cozy Stable Rug 100g

Horseware Rambo Cosy Stable Rug 400g

Fill: 100g ǀ Style: Cosy padded fleece collar ǀ Outer: 1000D ǀ Sizes: 5ft6–7ft3 ǀ Colours: Burgundy

Get ready for winter with the Rambo Cosy Stable Rug. This super soft rug will keep your horse warm and comfortable even through the coldest of temperatures.

Available in 100g, 200g or 400g, the thermobonded fibrefill offers superior and long-lasting heat retention, while the cosy padded fleece collar prevents drafts.

Rambo Stable Rug Medium 200g

Rambo Stable Rug Medium 200g
Fill: 200g ǀ Style: Classic Rambo cut and shape ǀ Outer: 1000D ǀ Sizes: 5ft6–7ft3 ǀ Colours: Navy/White

The Horseware Rambo Stable Rug is the perfect mid-season layer to help keep your horse warm. Use this transitional rug when a heavyweight would be too much, or when a stable sheet isn’t enough.

Made with a strong and durable polyester outer, it also features cross surcingles for a secure fit.

Rhino Original 250g Medium Stable Rug

Horseware Rhino Original 250g Medium Stable Rug with Vari Layer

Fill: 250g ǀ Style: Cosy fleece collar cuff and check pattern ǀ Outer: 1000D ǀ Sizes: 5ft6–7ft3 ǀ Colours: Charcoal/Grey/White Check

This stable rug is a classic cut design with double front closures. It features a cosy fleece neck cuff and a Vari-layer® warm system which helps to gain maximum heat retention without the heaviness of a standard fill. These additions make it the perfect rug choice for winter.

Kentucky Stable Rug Classic 300g

Kentucky Horsewear Stable Rug 400g - Please Call to check Stock-32077

Fill: 300g ǀ Style: Timeless design ǀ Outer: 900D ǀ Sizes: 5ft9–7ft ǀ Colours: Navy

The Kentucky Classic Stable Rug is available in 3 different thicknesses, so that you can choose the best fit for your horse’s needs. It can also be worn in combination with a turnout or under rug to protect your horse during colder months.

In a classic and timeless style with hardwearing fabric, this stable rug is designed to last for decades.

Best Horse Turnout Rugs 

Rambo Tech Duo Turnout Rug

Fill: 100g ǀ Style: Surefit neck design with V-front closure ǀ Outer: 1000D ǀ Sizes: 5ft6–7ft3 ǀ Colours: Denim Blue/Tan/Baby Blue/Navy

The ultimate time saver, this turnout rug is perfect for all seasons. It features an Airmax liner for maximum breathability, so that you can put the rug back on straight after work before your horse dries.

Your horse will also enjoy the freedom of movement for grazing thanks to the Surefit neck design with v-front closure.

Amigo Bravo 12 Plus Turnout Heavy Rug 400g

Fill: 400g ǀ Style: Detachable hood ǀ Outer: 1200D ǀ Sizes: 5ft9–7ft ǀ Colours: Navy

This high-quality turnout rug has a detachable neck cover and is compatible with the Horseware liner system, making it a versatile piece even in the sharpest of winters.

Other benefits of this rug include waterproof and breathable fabric and patented front leg arches, so that your horse is kept comfortable. It also comes in medium weight if you’re requiring something lighter.

Amigo Mio Lite Turnout Rug

Horseware Amigo Mio Medium Turnout rug -7'0-0
Fill: N/A ǀ Style: Patented front leg arches ǀ Outer: 600D ǀ Sizes: 4ft6–7ft ǀ Colours: Dark Blue & Red

Be prepared for the wet weather in this fully waterproof light turnout rug. Designed to protect your horse from the rain without making it hot, it’s ideal for summery showers.

This Amigo rug comes complete with tail flap, webbing fillet string and cross over fastenings, providing ultimate comfort for your horse.

Kentucky Turnout Rug All Weather Pro 160g

Fill: 160g ǀ Style: Artificial faux fur lining ǀ Outer: 1680D ǀ Sizes: 5ft9–7ft ǀ Colours: Green, Green/Grey

The medium weight Kentucky Turnout Rug is extremely durable and repellent to many weather conditions. The PU waterproof and breathable coating means the rug is resistant to wind, rain, sleet and snow.

Featuring a tail flap which also offers extra protection and warmth, the seams and edges around the chest, shoulders and neck have been lined with a high quality artificial faux fur. This gives your horse ultimate comfort by preventing any rubbing.

Still unsure on the best horse rugs?

We hope this blog has helped you decide on which rug is the best choice for your horse.

However, if you’re still unsure about choosing the correct size, or knowing when you should or shouldn’t rug your horse, read our horse rugging guide.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with one of our friendly experts. We’d be more than happy to help.

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Posted by: Edgemere
Posted on: 15/08/2022

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