Training Aids For Horses

Training Aids For Horses


We have a selection of training aids, side reins and lunging equipment. They are used to encourage the horse to work and use their bodies more effectively but they should not be used to force the horse into a fixed position and work should be built up gradually with any training aid.

GFS Pessoa Training Aid

The GFS Pessoa Training Aid encourages the horse to work in a harmonious way. The Pessoa persuades and suggests, helping the horse to find its own natural balance and rhythm. Typical schooling aids, other than the pessoa, often create a rigid contact with the horses’ mouth. In contrast, the Pessoa training aid recognised to work correctly a fluid contact is required to accommodate individual movements. This is created by a series of sympathetic ropes and pulleys on the Pessoa that are used while lunging to encourage the horse to work in perfect shape. When developing the Pessoa Training Aid, Nelson Pessoa acknowledged that a horses all important back muscles need to be free when working to achieve the desired balance and impulsion. The Pessoa training aid promotes the philosophy and therefore the Pessoa supports the development of the back muscles in all horses. Ideally work with the Pessoa training aid should begin when the horse is young. Sizes available Cob / Full – Adjustable to suit each individual horse.

John Whitaker Training Aid – Complete with Roller

The John Whitaker Training Aid System helps you to develop your horses neck and back muscles. The system helps the horse to stretch its back and neck hence making it easier when under saddle. This encouraging and friendly approach is recommended by leading riders from around the world.By lunging your horse in the John Whitaker Training Aid System it helps your horse to find rhythm and balance.

It will help your horse to shift the weight from the forehand by engaging its hind quarters hence finding the correct balance.
Includes an easy step by step guide to help you train your horse from the floor on the lunge. Talking you through the different methods and how to use this valuable piece of training equipment to the best advantage of your horse.
This training aid comes with a padded and adjustable roller. As used by John Whitaker himself. Here at Edgemere, we have all have experience using the training aid , therefore if your require any further help, please do not hesitate to contact us. One Size with excellent adjustment, so can extend or shorten to fit an array of horses.

Shires Aviemore Chambon Training Aid

Shires Aviemore Chambon Training Aid. Shires Aviemore leather Chambon Training Aid is the perfect training aid to help you and your horse to achieve the correct outline. You can use the Chambon as part of your horses training program. Encouraging your horse to stretch down by applying slight pressure on the poll and bit.

Draw reins and side reins are training aids that can help your horse learn to maintain light contact with the bit while moving forward freely into the bridle, and to carry himself straight and in balance. Draw reins are used for schooling under saddle, side reins are used primarily for work on the lunge and in hand.


JHL Leather Side Reins

Side reins are two reins that clip to the bit rings and then run straight back on either side of the horse to attach to the girth or roller. They should only be used for lunging a horse. They’re used to provide a rein contact for a horse to work into. The side reins are used for many reasons, establishing the initial contact with young horse, developing topline muscle, developing different frames progressively, establishing acceptance of contact, improving suppleness through the back, encouraging a consistent and steady outline and achieving looseness of paces through suppleness. Side reins must also be adjusted to equal lengths or slightly shorter to the inside. Uneven reins will develop a lop-sided horse. Ensure the horse is driven forward into the reins – without this, muscle development won’t happen.

Equipe Emporio Leather Draw Reins

As a horse training tool draw reins encourage flexion and softness in the horse’s mouth. For lunge line work with a rider up who does not carry ordinary riding reins, they help calm and settle the animal. A super smart and practical set of draw reins from the Emporio range. Made from top quality Italian leather and brass clips these draw reins are easy to use and fit.

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