What To Wear For Show Jumping

What To Wear For Show jumping

Depending on what level you are competing at will depend on what your attire you will need. At amateur level horse jumping can be quite relaxed but at professional level  contests require specific attire.

Riding Hat

This is the most important part of horse riding its there to protect you. A riding hat will need to conform to the safety standards of your particular horse jumping competition. Show jumping must meet EN1384, ASTMF 1163, PAS 015 or SNELL E2001 with kitemark or SEI. Always check before you got to a show to make sure you meet the right requirements.

Riding Jacket 

This is essential for show jumping and will need to be fitted or tailored this can be any colour but black is know as best choice. If you were on a Grand Prix show jumping tour, you are be expected to wear a red riding jacket. Riders may register their own colours and sponsors, for this you‚ you’re allowed to choose two base colours with different coloured piping. You can have up to 3 sponsor logos on the right sleeve and one on the breast pocket. This also must be comfortable to move in whatever the show jumping round brings. We have a great AA Motion Lite Jacket for this.


The show shirt must be white or a light pastel colour with a tie underneath. Each shirt has to be accompanied with a tie or stock. If you are wearing a hunting jacket then you can wear a coloured one. For ladies the white collars have to be high and you can wear the shirt without a tie or stock.


Riding Gloves are optional but i personally would as it keeps good grip and you don’t want to loose the good grip when in the arena. Discreetly coloured gloves are advised with black, cream, brown or navy being popular.

Tall Riding Boots

Tall riding boots are a must for showjumping and will need to be black or brown. Alternatively if your budget doesn’t allow for long boots a pair of short riding boots and matching gaiters, cut in traditional riding boot style would be equally as good.

Any questions with regards to the above please don’t hesitate to contact us 01948 820720 or email us at [email protected] you will also find us on Facebook and Instagram @edgemere_ltd.


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