Which are the best horse clippers for your horse this winter?

This is Edgemere’s guide to choosing the best horse clippers.

Whether you require a cordless clipper or heavy-duty clippers best suited to thicker coats, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover which clipper is best for you and your horse. 

During the chillier winter months, our horse’s coats can become impressively long and woolly in only a short period of time. You can book a professional groomer to come and clip your horse, but that’s not always practical and sometimes it’s much easier to treat your horse to a trim yourself.  

Investing in a good pair of horse clippers can make the task much easier and means you’ll always be able to keep your horse looking neat and tidy. 

Why you should clip your horse 

If you want to regularly ride your horse in cold weather, you’ll need to clip them with high-quality clippers to prevent increased body temperature and excessive sweating, which can cause them to catch a chill. 

Clipping your horse means they won’t sweat as much and it also allows them to cool off faster once you’re back at the stable. But don’t worry, clipping your horse won’t make them cold – horse rugs and blankets can help keep your horse warm once they’ve been clipped.

Clipping your horse can be a bonding session, something for both horse and rider to enjoy.

Choosing the best clippers – things to consider  

If you don’t have much experience with clipping horses, then choosing the right horse clippers can feel like a daunting experience. But the good news is, it doesn’t have to be. We can help ensure you get the right clippers for the job. 

The first thing to consider is the temperament of your horse and how calm and settled they are around loud noises. If you have a very nervous horse or one that isn’t too keen on getting clipped, choose a clipper with a low noise output. Cordless clippers might be the best clippers for nervous horses as they can be used anywhere – preferably in an environment that calms your horse. 

Next, think about what you’re wanting to use the clippers for. If you want to do small trims every now and again, then you won’t need anything too powerful, but for clipping your whole horse’s body, a clipper that lets you adjust speeds, change blades and has a good strokes-per-minute output will make the task much easier. 

There’s a huge range of clippers out there to choose from, so it can be hard to know which ones are going to suit you and your horse best. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the best horse clippers on the Edgemere website and included everything that you need to know, making it easy for you to choose the pair that meets your needs. 

Choosing clippers that are best suited to your horse’s temperament and your chosen clipping style is important.

Which are the best horse clippers for my horse? 

Best horse clippers for trimming – Wahl Figura Cordless Trimmer 

The Wahl Figura Cordless Trimmer is a battery-operated smaller clipper that fits neatly into your pocket, meaning you will never be without a powerful trimmer, no matter where you are. It’s suitable for all kinds of trimming, including trimming ears, whiskers, beards and your horse’s mane. This Wahl professional trimmer is also great for use around your horse’s face. 

Pro: Pocket size

Con: Not ideal for full clips

Wahl Figura Cordless Trimmer-0

Best horse clippers for nervous horses – Lister Liberty Clipper 

A versatile, medium-duty clipper that is capable of dealing with all types of coats, these Lister Liberty clippers are generally best for private horse owners dealing with up to four horses on a regular basis. 

The powerful lithium-ion battery provides up to 2.5 hours of uninterrupted clipping time, offering consistent performance on the go. Plus, the smooth motor ensures a quiet clip, making these clippers great for young or anxious horses. 

Pro: Quiet motor

Con: Only suitable for a smaller number of horses

Lister Liberty Clipper-0

Best cordless clippers – Liveryman Petmaster Cordless Trimmers 

The best cordless horse clippers are these Liveryman Petmaster Cordless Trimmers which come with four combs too! 

The Liveryman Petmaster has a quiet, powerful brushless motor which requires low maintenance, making it perfect for first-time trimming. It is reliable, does not clog from dirt or hair and provides fast clipping, which makes it more efficient than other cordless clippers. These clippers can also be corded cordless clippers as they can be used with mains power, possibly making them the best overall horse clippers. 

Pro: Provides fast clipping

Con: Lots of features could be confusing for inexperienced clippers

Liveryman Petmaster Cordless Trimmer and Four Combs Kit 112053-0

Best horse clippers powered by a battery pack – Liveryman Black Beauty Battery Pack Clippers 

The Black Beauty horse clipper is the first mains operated brushless motor clipper that also comes with a battery back for remote operation. Designed with expert input from UK & Ireland horse owners and professionals, Black Beauty’s sleek design and ergonomic body make it stand out from the traditional chunky clipper handset but its most desirable qualities are hidden beneath the bodywork in its brushless motor. 

Pro: The battery pack is a fantastic addition

Con: Could be a little noisy for some horses

Liveryman Black Beauty Battery Pack Clippers

Best light duty clippers – Liveryman Bruno Horse Clipper 

The Bruno Horse Clipper is a smaller lightweight machine with a two-way speed switch that alternates between 2800rpm and 3500rpm.  

Small but mighty, the Bruno model is best suited for a light cut and shorter cutting lengths rather than a heavy-duty snip. The Bruno’s power cable is also reasonably long, which provides excellent ease of use. 

Pro: Two speeds

Con: Isn’t suitable for heavy-duty clips

Liveryman Bruno Horse Clipper

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Best medium-duty clippers – Lister Star Clippers 

The Lister Star Clipper is a powerful, fast and efficient clipper that maintains speed even in tougher conditions. Ergonomically designed for a slimmer grip, these clippers are ideal for medium-duty horse clipping, from part clips to lighter cutting length full clips. 

They also come with a replaceable air filter for easy maintenance. 

Pro: Replaceable air filter included

Con: Unsuitable for full clips

Lister Star Clippers

Best heavy-duty clipper – Lister Legend Clippers 

These clippers are the most powerful and permanent magnet motor clipper in the Lister Clipper range. They are ergonomically shaped for ultimate comfort and are designed to provide speed and durability even in the toughest clipping conditions. 

Pro: Best clipper for a really thick coat

Con: May be too noisy for some horses

Lister Legend Cippers-7779

Best clipper for the entire body – Clipperman Dragon Clippers 

The best horse clippers for a full clip are the Clipperman Dragon Clippers. With a completely wireless battery pack, you can enjoy up to four hours of undisturbed clipping thanks to the amazing battery life – ideal if you need to carry out a full clip on multiple horses.  

The Dragon Clippers kit also comes with clipper oil and a cleaning brush, helping to maintain the longevity of the clipper blades – but with a generous two-year warranty, these clippers will last for years to come with limited maintenance. 

Pro: Long battery life

Con: They’re on the heavier side

Clipperman Dragon Clippers

Best horse clippers for coarse hair/a thick coat – Heiniger Saphir Clippers 

If your horse’s hair is particularly thick you may require a clipper that can keep thick coats at an ideal cutting length.  

The Heiniger Saphir Clippers are great for thick hair as they’re designed for all-day professional level horse clipping.  

Because they are extremely light, these horse clippers are also particularly good for clip lines or partial trimming, offering more comfort and control as they only weigh 440g. 

Pro: Super light

Con: Only one hour’s charge

Heiniger Saphir Clippers-33146

Best horse clippers with a detachable blade – Liveryman Harmony Plus Rechargeable Clippers  

If you’re looking for a set of clippers with detachable blades or adjustable blades, the Liveryman Harmony Plus is for you. These clippers trim your horse’s coat with impeccable accuracy and are great for full body clips thanks to a variety of blade types. 

The Liveryman Harmony Plus clippers can be used for extended periods, with a two-hour operation time. 

As these clippers have low vibration settings and variable speed options, they’re also ideal for anxious horses.

Pro: Super accurate

Con: Three hour charging time

Liveryman Harmony Plus Rechargeable Clippers

Best horse clipper accessories 

To prolong the life of your horse clippers it is important to maintain them using clipper oil. We stock a wide variety of oils suitable for all trimmers and clippers to help lubricate the blades and reduce friction, keeping your clippers running smoothly. 

As well as clipping oil, a well-stocked grooming kit can make the clipping process much easier. Keep yours stocked with grooming brushes, shampoo, cooling spray, hoof oil and treats for a proper pamper session.  

Heiniger Saphir Clippers-33146

Brushes, clipper oil and other pieces of grooming equipment are ideal additions to any grooming kit – making clipping much easier.

An extra pack of blades is also helpful – in case existing ones go blunt. Many horse trimmers and clippers have detachable blades that can easily be swapped and replaced when needed.

Still unsure on the best horse clippers? 

We hope this blog has helped you decide on the best horse clippers for you, so you can worry less about grooming and focus more on getting out on the bridle path. 

However, if you’re still unsure on which model is best for your horse’s needs, please get in touch. Clipping is an important aspect of horse ownership and we’d be more than happy to help you decide – and might be able to give you some clipping tips too! 

Contact us on 01948 820720. 

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